Sales Management

Manage your customers and sales processes in a single platform using Microsoft cloud technology.

SharePortals FeaturesDescription
Manage ContactsStore people and companies in one place, tracking all interactions with up to 30 million records of each type
Manage OpportunitiesTrack activity for all opportunities with up to 30 million records. Manage pipeline progress and deal ownership
Kanban ViewView opportunity pipelines on a Kanban board to quickly view stages and total value per stage
Customisble PipelineCreate one or more pipelines to manage available stages, and pick optional / required fields
Document StorageUp to 30 million documents per entity container of any document type
Document TemplatesCreate as many document templates as you like within any entity
Custom FieldsAdd or modify existing fields to documents, people contacts, accounts, and opportunities
CRM Data ImportImport record data using spreadsheets, or by using scripts for advanced import e.g large amounts of activity data and documents
Order ManagementCreate and add documents for quotes, orders, invoices, and contracts to store and relate to CRM records
Task ManagementCreate tasks either related or unrelated to records within the CRM
DashboardSee all tasks assigned to you, and any recent activity from yourself or others on records you own
Email TemplatesCreate email using templated content and auto associate with a contact or company
Email IntegrationSend emails and automatically associate to records with no setup. Save existing emails from your mailbox with 1 click.
Mobile AccessView & manage records from any modern computer or mobile including iOS and Android
Social Media Record InsightsSee insights for Contacts and Companies within the CRM
Social Media Business InsightsSee insights for your organisation
Office 365 BenefitsDescription
Single Sign OnLog straight in to the system without reauthenticating if already using Office 365
Data StorageOver 1TB of default SharePoint Online data storage available, plus 10GB per user
Teams CRM ButtonCRM can be accessed directly within the Microsoft Teams interface
Teams CallsAutomatically start a Microsoft Teams call and log the activity
E-SignatureRequire internal or external users to authenticate to access a shared document, and digitally capture a signature using add-on services
AutomationUtilise Power Automate workflow to create buttons to start a workflow, scheduled worklows, or worklows to start when data is added or modified
Custom ReportsUtilise PowerBI to directly connect in to any CRM data to see powerful insights specific to your business
Custom Mobile AppsUtilise PowerApps to create No-Code custom apps on iOS and Android
Marketing AutomationBuilt in workflow support to utilise contact data with Mailchimp and others
Powerful APIUtilise SharePoint API or Office 365 graph to extend functionality
Data RetentionManage all data within the CRM using advanced Office 365 auditing, searching, and retention policy management
GDPR DashboardTrack GDPR requests & breaches, and search across the CRM and / or all of Office 365 storage, emails & conversations
Invoice AutomationAutomatically collect and extract data from invoices including header data e.g invoice date, total, and line item data
Built-In ReportsView sales forecasts, user workloads / KPIs, behaviour insights utilising standard CRM fields
PermissionsGranular permissions for different types of records or document containers, and individual record items or individual documents
Support Description
Email SupportEmail our support desk for an SLA response on any issues or queries
Onboarding AssistanceFree help to get started and answer questions on a phone or remote session
User GuideAccess to an ever increasing database of guides, FAQ, issues, and changes
Office 365 Professional ServicesProfessional Services available for a wide range of Office 365 services